How much does it cost to have a new convertible top installed?
Most convertible tops range between $650 and $1,400 (including labor & material) depending on the vehicle, material type, and window
type. Please give us a call for a quote on your car.

My rear window shattered, can it be replaced?
All convertibles come with one of two different types of tops: (A) one piece top, where window is directly bonded to the top material, or
(B) two piece top, in which window (or what’s called rear curtain) is separate from top material. If you have two piece style top, then rear curtain can be replaced without replacing top. If you have one piece style top, then whole top needs replacement.

My rear window is separating from the material, can this be reglued?
We do not perform those types of repairs, due to the fact that results cannot be guaranteed or warrantied. Most of the times, readily
available glues and epoxies will fail after few times of opening and closing the top. Bonding of window to the top is done at the factory with
industrial equipment, and comes with warranty from manufacturers. Please refer to a question above for window replacement info.

My top is not opening or malfunctioning, can you diagnose the problem?
Yes. On most convertibles we can diagnose the problem in less than 30 minutes. However some vehicles such as Mercedes SL or BMW 6
Series come with very complicated convertible systems, on which it may take hours to locate the problem. Please call us for more info.

Can you do labor only, if I provide my own top?
Absolutely. However we strongly recommend calling us before placing an order, due to the fact that not all tops are sewed the same.
We have experience with all convertible top manufacturers, and will recommend best value for your make and model.

How long does it take to have my top replaced?
Most convertible tops can be replaced in 8-9 hours. If you deliver the vehicle at 9AM in the morning, we will have it ready by 6PM same day.
But please note, some models take up to 16 hours. Please call for more details.

What is the difference between vinyl & cloth tops?
The main difference is aesthetic, many people consider cloth as better looking material then vinyl. Lifespan of both types is the same and
mostly depends on how many times you open/close the top, if the car is parked inside/outside, ect.

Do not hesitate to give us a call with any other question you may have.
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